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There is a life that each of us was born to live. 

Yes, each and every one of us!   It's a life filled with purpose, with loving relationships, and deep meaningful experiences, including joy, love, adventure, sorrow, happiness, contentment and satisfaction.   It's also a life of our own design!  We choose each step along our path, for good or ill, based upon our most deeply held beliefs, dreams and aspirations.   

For a great many of us, addiction, trauma, or mental illness has been a major block to living that life we dream of.  More than a mere "block", these hindrances can seem as formidable as the Himalayan Mountains!  Facing such obstacles, many may appear to have given up and reconciled themselves to living the rest of their lives at the most desolate base of those mountains.  Others seek to get past them by any means they can.   Many grow weary in the climb or confused on the twists and turns of the journey and wind up tumbling  down the steep slopes, yet to try again.   

But there are ways through those treacherous mountains!  There are passes and passageways, a few well-worn paths and others less traveled that will finally get the obstacles behind you!   Then you are free to set about the work of navigating further challenges on the way to your best life!

A very important key to the whole endeavor of overcoming the strangleholds of addiction, trauma, or mental illness is to navigate on  paths that...

...are suited to YOU and your unique combination of values, abilities, skills and potentials.

... not only leave you unencumbered but also leave you closer to YOUR personal life goals at the same time.   Everyone is not seeking YOUR dreams.  Following someone else's path too closely may get you out of the "mountains" but may leave you closer to their dreams but further from your own!

Boundless Recovery Coaching will partner with you to:

  • Gain clarity regarding the life you want to live.  

  • Keep your dreams in view to guide your efforts.  You will know when you are moving toward your dreams and when you have begun to veer away from them.  When you veer,  as we all do, we will work with you to devise strategies to get back on course.

  • Use your dreams to motivate your efforts.  A clear vision of where we are going and what we wish to accomplish can be a powerful motivator.   Besides, there is no better motivator to let something go than to see something you want even more!

  • Plan, execute, and evaluate actions to continually move toward achieving YOUR dreams, not anyone else’s. 

    • We will ensure that the decisions and choices you make (including those regarding treatment options) remain in service to you and your life vision, not the other way around.

    • We will collaborate with treatment teams and provide valuable support and encouragement in maintaining your treatment plan outside the therapy office or treatment facility. 

    • We commit to your long-term success, not long-term coaching!  You will likely meet for coaching frequently at the beginning of your journey.  As you progress in your recovery, you will undoubtedly find that your need for coaching fluctuates over time. Boundless Recovery Coaching strives to be there when you need coaching, not when you don't. 

  • Boundless Recovery Coaching supports formal treatment efforts and will greatly increase your accountability to actively participate in your treatment and achieve your treatment goals and beyond!

  • Most of all, I look forward to celebrating all the victories that lay ahead for you!

It’s live the rich, full life you were born to live!

Boundless Recovery Coaching

Dr. Keith Berfield

I’m Dr. Keith Berfield.   After earning my Ph.D. in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University in 1987, I spent over 28 years working as a clinical psychologist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  During my years of VA service, I had the opportunity to help a great many of our nation’s veterans who suffered a wide variety of mental health problems and disabilities, among them PTSD and addictions.      The work was rewarding but also extremely challenging.  

One of the biggest challenges (of many) that I saw was how difficult it is to move forward in life if almost exclusive attention is paid to what’s wrong with it!   Clinical work, by it’s nature, must focus on impairment, disability, unwanted symptoms of a disorder in order to try and alleviate suffering.  Noble and worthwhile work to be sure.   You must attend to suffering in order to alleviate it.  However, it can become very hard to move forward if all attention is paid to what is holding us back.  It's not the anchor that propels the boat!  There is something else that must also be attended to in order to move forward - the driving forces of the engine.  I see recovery much the same way.  Addiction, mental illness, and trauma all have a way of being about the anchor.  Recovery is more about the engine - our strengths, talents, and dreams - and getting some forward motion going again!

I retired from VA and from clinical work in 2016.  Today, I coach people to harness all the things that are right about them and their circumstance and, building on their assets, achieve goals they didn’t think possible.  Having a clear vision of what one truly wants is such a powerful force for positive transformation, it’s where we start.  From there, we take stock of the actions that seem to help you move in the direction of your dreams — and those that don’t.  You develop a new awareness and keener sense of what works for you to achieve what truly matters to you. You recognize those limiting ideas, beliefs and actions (including addictive behaviors) that don’t serve you well and instead turn to ones that do!  Like any good coach, I am there  not only to celebrate you when things seem to be really clicking, but to fuel and sustain the precious encouragement and motivation needed at those times when it’s easy to lose focus, when energy is low, or when you may be discouraged.  We find those ways that work best for you to keep going.  In a relatively short time - a matter of months, even weeks - you  will be living a dramatically richer and fuller life!

I’ve been asked, “Why recovery coaching?”  Well, my honest gut reaction to the question is because people seeking recovery are my people.   I am a recovering addict, recovering depressive, and abuse survivor.  I’ve experienced numerous forms of addiction.  I first began recovery in 1999 and have experienced the ups and downs of long-term recovery.  I’ve also experienced the devastation of relapse following lengthy abstinence and sobriety.   I know the effort it takes to  shed the hindrances of shame, pessimism and despair to regain hard-fought forward momentum.  I've spent time in those mountains led by the wise and the unwise,  sometimes sure-footed and on pretty slippery slopes at other times.  Often times I was glad to be leaving where I had been, yet terrified of what I would pass through or may yet encounter.   I found that the struggles haven't ended, but I'm making my peace with many of them and that seems to lessen them profoundly.   Each of us must find our own way, and  it certainly helps to have someone there to share with us, encourage us, and believe in us!


If you are just beginning to pursue, or even just considering, a life of recovery, how valuable it is to know ways that work for you to stay focused on the bigger picture of what you most want for your life and how to use the power of that vision to keep moving forward -- no matter what!  If you have been practicing recovery for a longer time, but have lost a sense of direction, vitality or joy in your life, you can regain that essential focus,  uncover new dreams or, perhaps, reawaken some abandoned dreams.  Your energy can flow into them once again.   This has happened for me.   In just the past few years, not only have I discovered new ways to realize my passion for helping others, I have also returned to a love of live theatre and performing which had lain near dormant for 35 years!  Once again, I am active with multiple community theatres both onstage and off.   Believe me when I say there  is no warmer homecoming than reconnecting with your dreams and passions!  You, too, can know  the joy of seeing your dreams get closer and closer and become reality!  


Remission of the symptoms of addiction?  Mental Illness?  Trauma?  That’s just the beginning.  Your life of recovery?  


As The Monster in Mel Brooks' Young Franknstein: The Musical

Theatrical passions reawakened after 35 years!

As Sam Nash in Neil Simon's Plaza Suite


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