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Buy the time...and use it the way YOU work best

At Boundless Recovery Coaching, scheduling is both flexible and targeted to the current task(s) at hand.  Furthermore, since I've often found it to be the case that the person controlling the schedule is the person whose needs are getting met, you are always in control of your scheduling!  At Boundless Recovery coaching, you buy time not sessions or appointments.   

1.  Flexibility - You can schedule appointments for the morning, afternoon, or evening, whichever works best for you.  Some weekend appointments are available in addition to weekdays as well.   

2. Targeted - Not all tasks and objectives are equal.  Some, often more complex, objectives can demand more in depth examination, planning or follow-up.  At these times full one-hour appointments may be required.  Other less complex tasks my require less face-to-face time and be appropriate for briefer contacts such as a 30-minute appointment to simply stay on track and correct rather minor details.   You can decide how much time you need for each appointment.  Likewise, the frequency of your appointments may vary depending on where you are at and the objectives you are working on as well.   How often we meet is up to you and can range from multiple times per week to every other week or less frequently.   

YOU set the schedule  - When you schedule your appointment with BRC  it is quickly confirmed and it is yours!

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